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At PRIA, our unique platform combines industry expertise, innovative technology, and collaborative consulting. We are dedicated to reducing your overall cost of risk by delivering cost-effective, high-quality insurance products and services.



From Key West to Pensacola, PRIA protects property structures and surrounding assets specifically for Florida governments. Consult with us on your property insurance needs and you will quickly learn why PRIA is the state’s most trusted property brokerage team.

General Liability

General Liability

Our team is specifically trained to navigate the liability insurance marketplace and Florida’s sovereign immunity limits. The complex market dynamics and highly-technical risk management strategies needed to manage large government programs in Florida have provided our team the opportunity to shine as difference makers.

Public Officials

Public Officials & School Leaders Liability

Managing risks for public entities must also include carefully crafted protection for the elected officials and employees tasked with governing those entities. Public Officials Liability or School Leaders Liability coverage is a form of Errors and Omissions Liability coverage. In the commercial market, it is more commonly referred to as Directors and Officers Liability (D&O). PRIA places Public Officials and School Leaders Liability coverage for more than 100 of Florida’s governmental entities.

Workers Compensation

Worker’s Compensation presumption laws – automatically covering heart, lung, and PTSD claims for First Responders – have created an entirely unique insurance marketplace for public employers in Florida. PRIA has the market expertise, and the historical perspective to position our customers for success while securing competitive coverage and premiums.

Auto Liability & Physical Damage

Injury or damage caused by government vehicles - including police, fire, and emergency vehicles - and physical damage to the municipality’s own vehicles, presents one of the highest frequency loss categories faced by public entities today. With the ever-increasing value of vehicles and their technology, physical damage claims have never been higher. We have the tools and resources to insure our customers’ fleets from loss and coffers from liability at the lowest possible costs.

General Liability

Law Enforcement Liability

Perhaps one of the costliest and most contentious issues facing governments in Florida is the liability arising out of Law Enforcement operations. Our team has decades of experience in designing and securing comprehensive coverage options in addition to providing claims resolution and advisement in the event of a claim.

Cybersecurity / Data Breach

Cybersecurity / Data Breach

Cyber liability coverage is primarily designed to protect you against liability and expenses arising from theft or loss of data. Coverage also typically protects you from liability and expenses due to a breach of data security or privacy.

Active Shooter / Workplace Violence

Active Shooter / Workplace Violence

PRIA is proud to offer a myriad of options for consultation, insurance coverage, and government-to-government connectivity among customers to best prepare your municipality for any active shooter situation.

Building A Better Program

When we represent you, we start with a complete analysis of your public entity operation to fully understand the risks and challenges which will ultimately shape our risk management strategy.

Team Approach Built Around You

Our Property & Casualty Practice team is custom tailored to insurance and risk management needs and includes dedicated account leadership, management, and service teammates – as well as dedicated backup teammates.

Our Customers Always Come First

We understand that you report to The People. PRIA serves our customers to ensure you always have the right coverage at the right price and that you are prepared with the documentation and methodology behind every decision we make together.


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